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Mar-Apr 2017
BESPOKE is a furniture system that brings style to the bathroom, comprising a
collection that is versatile and conventional, yet contemporary in design.

The BESPOKE system is composed of brushed aluminium frames in a bronze
or titanium finish; special containers; and fronts in 4 millimetres of satin,
bronze, clear or mirrored fume glass.
Mar-Apr 2017
Elmich has launched VersiWall GT, a new modular green wall system that
is engineered to be safe and strong to provide a comprehensive support
particularly for indoor vertical greenery.
Jan-Feb 2017
BeckryFluor coatings are best suited for roofing, cladding and aluminium
façades. This range of fluorocarbon coatings comprises Kynar 500 or Hylar
5000 brands of polyvinylidene difluoride (PVdF) resin with selected inorganic
pigmentation that is proprietarily formulated by Beckers Group. It provides a
distinctive finish and long-lasting protection for building envelopes.

Jan-Feb 2017
Mapei is the first company in this sector to use 3D imaging to study and
develop the colours for its Coloured Grouts range together with the latest
trends in tile design. This cutting-edge research has led to the creation of a
new colour chart with 50 new shades for grouts and sealants, which are also
available in a transparent version.

Jan-Feb 2017
The classic high roll profile is widely seen on roofs throughout Europe. It is
now available in Malaysia as well with the most recent Toscana Warisan clay
roof tile. With a new modern look, Toscana Warisan is the latest addition to
the Heritage Collection, offering customers tiles for classy and traditional roof





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