Products (2018)

May-Jun 2018
Extreme shower enjoyment
With EasySET, showering starts with just a push of a button. The fixture sports
a simple push button and dial knob with knurled texture that provides a better
grip even with soapy hands. It also clearly indicates the control in which it is
connected to—overhead showers, hand showers or body showers—and a
coloured indicator for on/off functions.
May-Jun 2018
Decorative and mould-proof joints
Under the cementitious grout type, Mapei offers Ultracolor Plus, a high-performance polymer-modified mortar for grouting joints 2 to 20 millimetres
wide. Ultracolor Plus is made up of special, self-hydrating hydraulic binder
that ensures colour uniformity and reduces the risk of efflorescence, a
natural occurrence that is typical of mortars with Portland cement as
May-Jun 2018
Renovate wooden floors with style
Bona Inspiration is a new floor styling system that is designed to deliver
beauty and character to pre-finished wooden floors. The five styles—
Nordic Shimmer, Garden Atmosphere, Malibu Dreams, Touch of Grace and
New Modern—range from floors that are dark and rustic to those with a
pale, lacquered finish.
May-Jun 2018
Wireless connectivity for smart homes
The wireless module functions automatically without manual programming,
making it attractive to system integrators/installers as it offers significant
savings at the implementation stage. Some of the key features of this
wireless package include long transmission distance of up to 700 metres
in open space; decentralised installation; dim lighting; on/off control; status
monitoring; and energy reading.
May-Jun 2018
Art you can walk on
MasterTop 1327 flooring system has a distinctive elastic layer that has sound
insulation properties for reducing noise as well as improving room acoustics
and walking comfort. It is the only fluid-applied flooring system worldwide that
allows a reduction of up to 20 dB in vertical sound transmission, e.g., impact
Mar-Apr 2018
Energy-efficient aluminium window systems
The Schüco AWS 65 aluminium window system is an ideal standard system
for a variety of window applications due to its broad range. There are up to
five design lines that are available for creating attractive visual accents in
both new builds and modernisation projects. With a wide range of profiles
for narrow face widths, a high degree of transparency as well as complete
compatibility with the Schüco ADS door range, sophisticated designs can be
implemented effectively.
Mar-Apr 2018
Engineered urban greening solutions
Elmich’s products can be made from thermoplastics that have obtained the highest fire-resistant material classification according to European and British Standards. These proprietary thermoplastics help to mitigate the risk of fires as they do not release toxic emissions or smoke when burnt, which translates into a safer environment for users.
Mar-Apr 2018
Aluminium building systems of the future
The Geode façade has been developed to offer the ideal solution for office and residential building project façades.
Jan-Feb 2018
Aluminium building systems of the future
This new Soleal range has been developed to offer large dimensions along with excellent sound and thermal insulation qualities. Soleal sliding systems,
windows and doors are available in thermal break and non-thermal break
Jan-Feb 2018
Chic, rotatable showerhead
Azimut redefines the archetype of the showerhead, improving the quality of
the showering space. With four jet aerators and 336 nozzles, it provides a
comfortable shower experience. The sophisticated elegance of satin steel
and measured proportional balance make it a contemporary bathroom fixture.
Jan-Feb 2018
Cured and dimensionally stable screed
The screed is a layer of cementitious mortar that is installed directly onto a
substrate. Its purpose is to bring the installation surface of the flooring to the
designed height and provide a suitable surface for installing the specified
flooring, thus affecting its durability and functionality. Screeds are usually
made up of cement, sand or aggregates, and water.
Jan-Feb 2018
Create shopping oases in every climate
A comfortable atmosphere and protection from rain and excessive heat
are important factors to give shoppers a relaxing environment for spending
money. Texlon ETFE is the ideal building envelope to achieve all of that:
Establish space that is flooded with daylight but still protected from the sun,
keeping out the rain and dust.



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