Magazine / 3rd Quarter 2021

Equity and Urban Interventions

Dear FuturArc Readers, There was a quote that I came across while doing this edition that moved me. “We don’t move through time, time moves through us.” Sarah Lynn Rees, who spoke at the Living Cities Forum organised in Australia, shared this anecdotal quote told to her by an elder in her community—she is a descendant of the Plangermaireener and Trawlwoolway people of North-East Tasmania. She talked about the role of indigenous knowledge systems for creating an inclusive, sustainable built environment. And as time moves through the making of this Cities issue, we see how it has played out as an underlying narrative in the stories covered. The tensions cities face that emerged from the inevitable tide of change—changes in climate; distribution of resources; geographical and physical landscapes; as well as urban fabric. Dzung Do Nguyen (urban planner; CEO of enCity), Heather Banerd (urban and landscape designer), and Milinda Pathiraja (Co-founder of RAW) wrote a critique on Hoi An and Kandy respectively—about how these two World Heritage cities are struggling to balance the demand for development with preserving its natural and cultural assets; each having...

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