FuturArc Prize 2023: First Place Winner and Merits from Indonesia Revealed

FuturArc Prize 2023: First Place Winner and Merits from Indonesia Revealed

15 MAY 2023 – Following hundreds of submissions from all around the globe, the international Green design competition of FuturArc Prize (FAP) 2023 finally revealed its winners and merit recipients at the event of BCI Asia Awards (BCIAA) Indonesia, which was held last Thursday, 11 May 2023 at Raffles Jakarta.

This cycle of FAP was held from October 2022 to February 2023 with the theme of Cross-Generational Architecture. The theme explored the rapid change of societal compositions throughout Asia, asking entrants—architecture professionals and students alike—to envision sustainable design solutions for future generations amidst ongoing climate and planetary challenges.

To much anticipation of the invited BCIAA attendees, three Indonesian teams were called out to receive their prizes on stage. Two Merit awards, in no particular order, went to the entry titled Excavation of Majapahit by Budi Kurniawan, Wendy Sudibyo, Paulus Purnomo Sigit Prasetyo and Naomi Pratiwi; and the entry titled The Resilient Thalassophile District by Anisa Rizqia, Anissa Ariyanti Effendi, Faisal Firdaus, Dayana Aripin and Nabil Rafsanjani.

Each Merit recipient team was presented with certificates, cash prize of SGD500 and will receive 1-year subscriptions to FuturArc digital magazine via FuturArc app.

Finally, the First Place award went to the entry titled Jakarta Water Heritage by Gilang Pidianku, Kurniawan Abednego Putratama, Bastian Yeoko, Chrispina Yovita Putri and Maria Vika Wirastri. The team was presented with their trophy, cash prize of SGD8,000 and will receive 2-year subscriptions to FuturArc digital magazine via FuturArc app.

Also attending the event was a FuturArc Prize 2023 juror from Indonesia, the architect and urban planner Dr Miya Irawati, whose work on housing provision in peri-urban and migrational areas through projects like Expandable House has received international accolade.

This BCIAA event in Indonesia kicks off the regional awards circuit for 2023, where Top Ten architects and developers from Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore will be acknowledged throughout May to June.

More FuturArc Prize winners and merits are set to be awarded in various countries.

Watch video: Announcing FuturArc Prize 2023 Winners and Merit Recipients

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