Biodivercity: A Story of Flight | FAP 2022 Second Place

Landscape / 3rd Quarter 2022

Biodivercity: A Story of Flight | FAP 2022 Second Place

September 6, 2022

Located in the north of Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta, the ambitious plans for Kemayoran Airport did not pan out for various reasons, leaving the once glistening structure abandoned. A portrayal of disintegrated city development, dozens of unfinished projects were left scattered around the area and deserted lands have grown into a wild urban forest.

Over time, the local communities have started using one of such underutilised areas as a venue for competitive bird exhibitions. Furthermore, researchers have noticed how migratory birds have also been using the urban forest as a migration site. Additionally, the neglected areas covering 22 hectares of urban forest show off an impressive diversity of flora and fauna, and is home to more than 100 species of birds and butterflies. Thus, it seems fitting to transform this area into a bird sanctuary and community-powered public space.

The team’s proposal aims to reinterpret this site of mechanical flight to one that embraces Nature’s winged creatures and more.


The nature-oriented intervention scheme will maintain the architectural identity of existing buildings while integrating low-footprint blue-green infrastructures, rehabilitation of irrigation systems and creation of wetlands with the existing man-made and natural environs to restore habitable ecosystems to enhance biodiversity within the city.

The plan includes transforming current built structures into watchtowers and community spaces, creating parks, a sanctuary, as well as connectors for public access and use, alongside irrigation channels, water bodies and other natural resources, building up the site into the team’s vision of an urban haven.

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Favian Rifqi and Ahimsa Sirait are fresh graduates, while Eistein Benedito, Aldrianta Pribadi and Gevin Timotius are final-year students at the Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung. The team was formed out of their common vision and interest in public spaces, especially in Jakarta, their city of origin. With their distinct characters and ideas, the team shares perspectives on how to envision better public spaces in the capital, and challenge themselves to come up with creative solutions for an improved living environment.


Project Location
Kemayoran, Indonesia

Site Area
Approx. 98,000 square metres

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