Sân Chung: From Industry to Community | FAP 2022 Merit

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Sân Chung: From Industry to Community | FAP 2022 Merit

September 6, 2022

Sân Chung is a noun phrase that refers to a common space shared by a residential community of a surrounding area.

The premise of the team’s proposal is to bring this idea to life by leveraging post-industrial historical assets to restore and redesign them as community and cultural spaces. This will serve to address the lack of community-centric and creative spaces in Hanoi, as well as to readapt and reuse post-industrial factory spaces, instead of demolishing them and contributing further to pollution, construction waste and vacant lands.

The team proposed the site of Dong Xuan knitting factory for their idea. The complex was built in 1959, among many factories located in the inner city of Hanoi that were key economic drivers for the country then. The factory complex is located in a busy central district and it has ‘blended’ with the flow and socio-cultural and economic aspects of the place, while serving as a nostalgic structure for the community, reminiscent of times past.

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Nam Nguyễn Cao Hoài and Tân Văn Nhật both study at Ton Duc Thang University, while Quân Đào Văn and Quang Ngô Thế are students of Hanoi University of Architecture, and Đại Thiều Lưu Hoàng Bảo is currently studying at Van Lang University. While the team consists of students from different universities from south to north, they have a common interest in human activities and urban movements. They are intrigued by ‘urban voids’ and the daily routines of people taking place within the city.


Project Location
Hanoi, Vietnam

Site Area
9,255 square metres

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