A ‘Groundscaper’ Workspace | FAP 2023 Merit

Main Feature / 3rd Quarter 2023

A ‘Groundscaper’ Workspace | FAP 2023 Merit

September 20, 2023


The regency of Mojokerto once held the capital seat of the Majapahit Empire, a powerful force that reigned over various parts of Southeast Asia from the 13th–16th century.

Today, Mojokerto is known for its industrial areas. Integrated factory estates have been planned for further expansion in the coming years. Located an hour away from the regional capital city of Surabaya, the town attracts labour/manpower from surrounding regions.

A majority of Mojokerto’s population comprises people within the productive age, with Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X each contributing almost equally to the workforce. Within this industrial context, the team seeks to design a space that can allude to the city’s past glory while enhancing the quality of collaboration and ideas in a workplace set amidst Nature.


The proposal integrates a factory with a cultural centre and mini zoo, equipped with waste water and sewage treatments. Taking their cue from the administrative hierarchy of the Majapahit era, the team envisioned three different zones to serve specific purposes.

The first zone is designated as a workers’ zone, which will be a flexible workspace/factory area that can be suited to the users’ preferences. The second zone is the managerial section for management and directors, envisioned to be the ‘central government’ of the complex. The third zone is designated as a ‘sacred’ space with a landscaped garden and ecological area, symbolising a connection with a higher power, Nature and ancestors. An open-air amphitheatre and multipurpose hall are placed in the third zone with the intent to foster cultural activities.

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Mojokerto, East Java



Site Area
45,000 square metres



The team consists of Budi Kurniawan, Principal at the Surabaya-based design consultancy BK Studio, and members Wendy Sudibyo, Paulus Purnomo Sigit Prasetyo and Naomi Pratiwi. They believe that good design is born out of deep contemplation and a long process of exploration, with an approach that takes into account multiple perspectives.

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