FuturArc Editor-in-Chief Nirmal Kishnani spoke with three distinguished practitioners on the significance and potential impact of the movement in Asia.

Dr Hossein Rezai is the global design director of Ramboll, and the founding director of Web Structures and Web Earth. The latter is one of the cofounding signatories of the Singapore chapter, which was launched in early 2020.

Lee Chin Wei is a partner at Bioarchitecture Formosana (BaF), a firm based in Taipei. BaF is one of the founding signatories of the Taiwanese Architects Declare, which was launched a few months after Singapore’s.

Serina Hijjas is the director of Hijjas Kasturi Associates in Malaysia. She is one of the leading Green advocates in the country. Malaysia does not have a chapter for now, but is considering signing up.






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