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FUTURARC PRIZE (FAP) 2024: ARCHITECTURE FOR LIFE AFTER asks entrants to propose architectural solutions for the continuation of life after either ONE or BOTH of the following scenarios:

A) Climate Destruction: Any significant/extreme climate-related disasters triggered by hydrometeorological (e.g., floods, storms, heat waves) or climatological (e.g., droughts, wildfires) causes.

Consider how the current year’s heatwaves have broken historic records around the world, with scientists postulating that it is Earth’s hottest-ever climate in at least 120,000 years. The reality of a global-scale climate disaster is not far off—in fact, large-scale ones have long affected vulnerable populations. How can architecture respond to this?

B) Endings: The end of lifespans—be it of humans; non-human species; ecosystems such as forests, coral reefs, drylands; etc., due to famine, disease, massive extraction, etc.

All living beings perish. Current methods of treating expired matter tend to be carbon-intensive or require much land, a resource that is scarce. At the urban level, facilities such as graveyards/crematoriums are still negatively perceived. Can the end of life, for humans or ecosystems, be handled in a way that brings hope and renewal for the future?

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Notice: The competition has ended on 9 February 2024. Winners and merit recipients of FuturArc Prize 2024 have been notified via email, and public announcement of the results will be made following the first awarding event in end May 2024. Thank you for your participation and stay tuned on FuturArc’s social media for announcements!

FuturArc Prize: Past Cycles

FuturArc Prize 2023 Winners and Merit recipients have been awarded across Asia! Click here to download the press release.

Following hundreds of submissions from all over the globe, the international Green design competition FuturArc Prize 2023 has awarded its Winners and Merit recipients across various countries throughout May–June 2023.

The 2023 cycle’s theme, Cross-Generational Architecture, prompted entrants to explore the rapid change of societal compositions throughout Asia. Entrants were asked to envision sustainable design solutions for future generations amidst ongoing climate and planetary challenges. From October 2022–February 2023, the competition has attracted participation from over 350 architecture professionals and students. Read the full list of Winners and Merit recipients here, and check out FuturArc 3Q 2023 | Green Awards – Cross-Generational Architecture, where we feature the awarded entries in depth, along with insightful stories about design for all.



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