Cross-Generational Architecture | FuturArc Prize 2023

Main Feature / 3rd Quarter 2023

Cross-Generational Architecture | FuturArc Prize 2023

September 20, 2023

The following Main Feature presents FuturArc Prize (FAP) 2023 winning and merit entries, as well as the awardees. Based on the theme of Cross-Generational Architecture, FAP 2023 asked professional and student entrants: How can architecture respond to societal issues for tomorrow’s generations amidst ongoing climate and planet challenges? How can we address quality of life and well-being for all age groups together with Nature? How can these built spaces be sustainable and not add further distress to the environment?

Click below to read abstracted summaries of the winning and merit proposals.

First Place | Renewing Water-edge Communities
Second Place | Re-generational Architecture
Third Place | A Scaffolding System Adapted for Double Aging
Third Place | A Small Intervention: Urban Bamboo Forest


Dr Miya Irawati
Architect and Urban Planner

Dr Tan Loke Mun
Principal, DrTanLM Architect

Nan Chyuan
Director, FARM

Quang Vu Linh
Managing Director, ARDOR Green

What are your overall thoughts about the competition entries, responding to the theme of Cross-Generational Architecture?

Dr Miya Irawati: The theme of cross-generational architecture is not new, but it became quite challenging when it is related to local contexts from which the project proposal’s locus is based. Additionally, architects must consider sustainable design to respond to climate resilience and incorporate ecological systems. The competition entries had pretty diverse types of projects, ideas and locations, but local data was not enough to explain the contextualities, so the judges had to do a small amount of mini-research. Unsurprisingly, the entries gave many diagrammatic concepts.

Dr Tan Loke Mun: There were interesting submissions on a wide range of sites and challenges. Good ideas can be seen in many of them.

Quang Vu Linh: We saw a lot of entries with new, unique and innovative ideas that made great efforts in their project design and presentation. The entries were highly practical through the use of well-researched design solutions, understanding of local culture, efficient organisation of space, and locally available materials. The important issues of cross-generational architecture have focused on the global issues of sea level rise, the impact on the lives of local people, and other pressing societal problems: preserving and renovating existing buildings of high cultural value; increasing use value; implementing more greenery in public utilities; and finding solutions to meet increasing housing needs.

Name three key ideas that stood out for you among the stronger designs.

Dr Miya Irawati:

a) Form follows function by considering contextualities, e.g. sites, climate, building material footprints as well as social and environmental potentialities/problems.

b) Revitalisation and regeneration of old ‘containers’ for new functions/purposes to respond to community needs.

c) Passive energy and modest technology for sustainable design.

Dr Tan Loke Mun:

a) Importance to create an ecosystem

b) Sustainability ideas to address climate change

c) Immediate impact to the locality and replicablility

Quang Vu Linh:

a) Design solutions for houses and residential areas to adapt to rising global sea levels; minimising impacts of natural disasters. Many projects have made full use of local materials while integrating high-technology solutions and prefabricated construction to create a flexible living environment across generations.

b) Renovating and transforming existing buildings, respecting local values, turning them into new and more functional multi-use places for local communities. At the same time, promoting cultural tourism with interactive experiences by creating diverse spaces/landscapes for natural habitats.

c) High-technology agricultural solutions integrated into living spaces, providing opportunities for sustainable living and local/self-sufficiency.

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