Bamboo and earth-based materials

Main Feature / 1st Quarter 2024

Bamboo and earth-based materials

by Kester Ray de Vera

March 20, 2024

When it comes to Green and sustainable housing, Nature offers promising solutions. The fast-growing bamboo is known as a sustainable alternative to conventional building materials such as concrete, steel and timber. When properly treated and engineered, bamboo exhibits impressive compression properties and tensile strength, surpassing traditional materials.

In Nepal and the Philippines, homes that are built with cement-bamboo frame (CBF) technology16 are resilient against seismic forces and extreme weather conditions. One variety of the technology features double-cladding walls constructed with bamboo net/strips, creating a void space and gap between the walls. Such a design facilitates thermal regulation, ensuring a comfortable temperature within the home during both cold and hot weather conditions.

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