Buon Ma Thuot University Hospital

Institutional / 1st Quarter 2024

Buon Ma Thuot University Hospital

March 20, 2024

Awarded the Best Civic Building Architecture Design 2023 title at the 2023 Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA) held in August 2023, Buon Ma Thuot University Hospital has contributed much to the local community in terms of health and medical care since it opened.


The architects shared that the project has facilitated in the provision of primary healthcare services to the local population, which meant the people have greater access to and utility of quality medical care. In addition to providing free medication to families in need, the hospital also often hosts free health examinations and treatment events. As of February 2023, over 150,000 patients have been examined and treated there. 

In more than a year since its operations, the hospital has developed six operational departments and 12 specialties directly related to healthcare knowledge—this resulted in more than 70 new employments, and having a workforce of over 700 people.


Lightweight concrete technology has been used to create a concrete slat system for the hospital’s double-skin façade as an energy-saving passive design feature. The design team highlighted this as a practical architectural solution that ensures optimal use of natural ventilation and light while reducing the negative effects of solar glare from the west.


Project Name
Buon Ma Thuot University Hospital

Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam

Completion Date
February 2022

Site Area
52,540 square metres

Gross Floor Area
3,180 square metres

Number of Rooms
Phase 1: 200 beds
Total: 500 beds (by 2024)

Building Height
41 metres

Buon Ma Thuot Medical And Pharmaceutical University Hospital Joint Stock Company

Architecture Firm
Cat Moc Architecture – Construction – Trading Company Limited

Principal Architect
Pham Thanh Truyen

Main Contractor
Ha Nam Joint Stock Company

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Cat Moc Architecture – Construction – Trading Company Limited

Civil & Structural Engineer
Cat Moc Architecture – Construction – Trading Company Limited

Phu Dao Studio

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