Project / 1st Quarter 2023

Jiaxing Train Station by MAD Architects

by Y-Jean Mun-Delsalle

Aerial view. Photo by Laoyang; courtesy of MAD < > < > < >

Competing to outdo one another, China’s train stations tower over its cities like grand palaces, surrounded by large main roads, imposing viaducts and often empty plazas. But instead of pursuing monumental architecture, Beijing-based MAD Architects asks if it is possible for urban train stations to be constructed at a more comfortable, human scale; to be more than a stopover for travellers, but also an open, green public space that both inhabitants and tourists can enjoy and would want to spend time in.

On a 35.4-hectare site in a city of 5.4 million people southwest of Shanghai, MAD Architects rebuilt Jiaxing’s historic early 20th-century train station based on archival studies, replacing ...








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