Over Bakery

Commercial / 2nd Quarter 2024

Over Bakery

June 11, 2024

This bakery within a narrow street seeks to reflect the surrounding ambience and fit into the living environment where time ‘gently’ flows. Situated on the ground floor of a three-storey office building, at the narrowest corner of Lixi Road, the south façade alongside the street has a slightly concave elevation.

The façade features a slight twist with a shifted angle, creating an intermediate threshold to the road. This allows the sidewalk to be expanded into the building, optimising the interaction between the storefront and the street’s traffic.

The door openings on the elevation have been transformed into window seats, while the window opening has been renovated to serve as the doorway, providing a shelter for runners or passers-by who walk their dogs. The architects describe this as “a conscious move to re-edit the past by superimposing the recent present”.


Site Location
Shanghai, China

Completion Date
December 2022

Floor Area
80 square metres

Architecture Firm
Atelier tao+c

Design Team
Tao Liu; Chunyan Cai; Yan Wang; Yunuo Zheng (intern)

Construction Firm
Tian Ci Renovation

Wen Studio

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