Unipark by Ronald Lu & Partners

Commercial, Infrastructure / 1st Quarter 2023

Unipark by Ronald Lu & Partners

March 20, 2023

Unipark is Zhuhai’s first flagship transit-oriented development (TOD) project, and Ronald Lu & Partners’ (RLP) first TOD project in the city. Its conceptual inspiration came from its location by the riverfront of Qianshan River—the architecture features three high-rise towers flanking the shopping mall, evoking the sails of a ship.

Through parametric design, RLP was able to create a free-form roof defined by curves, a feature that is carried over to the canopy on the south side. The entrance’s multi-layered wave-shaped façade features a textured finish, allowing light to bounce off its surface like sunlight on water. Light continues to play a central role throughout Unipark, with undulating lines of light used throughout to mimic waterfalls and running water, creating a sense of fluidity and almost aquatic environment for users.

Designed to be an ‘urban regenerator’ to revitalise the city, drawing in new residents, businesses and visitors, Unipark encourages a healthy lifestyle for users and residents by embracing natural landscapes and creating new open spaces that are fully accessible to the surrounding communities, with a waterfront park, terraced garden and open-air square that are accessible to all.

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Project Name

Zhuhai, China

Completion date

Site Area
67,000 square metres

Gross Floor Area
467,570 square metres

Building Height
200 metres

Architecture Firm
Ronald Lu & Partners

Guang Yi Property Development Ltd. (Zhu Hai)

Principal Architects
Bryant Lu; Guymo Wong

Main Contractor
The First Construction Engineering

Limited Company of China
Construction Third Engineering Bureau

Ronald Lu & Partners

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