Project / 2020

Microlibrary Warak Kayu

by Florian Heinzelmann & Daliana Suryawinata

The Microlibrary Warak Kayu is the latest addition to the iconic architecture landscape of Semarang, the capital of Central Java in Indonesia, and the fifth built project within SHAU's Microlibrary series. It is built at Taman Kasmaran, a public square in the city centre with direct proximity with a river. The current mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi, has announced his enthusiasm on the new library, where it will be part of the city’s tourism route. In that sense the library serves not only the local neighbourhood but is also embedded in the larger city network.

By elevating the library, various spatial configurations and programmes can be offered. On the ground, a large semi outdoor area can be used for workshops. A wide tribune seating at the entrance is available for ...






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