3500 Millimeter House | FGLA 2019 Merit

Residential / 2nd Quarter 2019

3500 Millimeter House | FGLA 2019 Merit

May 14, 2019

This three-storey house redefines the functional arrangements within a narrow site while creating bright and airy spaces. Affordability and compactness are values that the project has successfully embodied by integrating well thought-out spatial experiences, storage systems and low-cost strategies in the design process—from selecting a narrow site of about 3,500 millimetres wide and choosing cost-efficient materials and construction systems to implementing creative storage solutions and climate-responsive ideas.

One of the main aims was to create a compact space—much like a tiny or micro house—that will not compromise the quality of living for the occupants. The project does this by going wall-less; having different floor levels and ceiling heights, and connecting each floor with various types of stair-furniture interfaces, i.e., combining the furniture modules with functions such as stairs. Simply put, a plug-and-play system that will free the house of clutter and rigidity.


Project Name
3500 Millimeter House
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Completion Date
May 2018
Site Area
56 square metres
Gross Floor Area
100 square metres
Number of Rooms
2 bedrooms
Building Height
3 storeys
Architecture Firm
AGo Architects
Principal Architect
Abimantra Pradhana
Main Contractor
Civil & Structural Engineer
Stefania Dhian

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