Project / 2nd Quarter 2023

Nan‘ou Village

by Weili Zhang

One of China’s most beloved architectural heritages, the Tulou is a type of mud house common in the southern region of Fujian. The most famous ones are circular with soaring walls large enough to shelter an entire clan of people. In 2008, a total of 46 buildings were listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, which represents a mere 1.5 percent of existing Tulou houses. Most of the remaining houses are bound in an awkward state—neither preserved nor fit for staying in—and the issue of their relevance becomes somewhat contingent.

Existing site of the Tulou in dilapidated condition. All images by UrbanFabric Aerial perspective of the Tulou regeneration

The county government of Nanjing in Fujian decided in 2021 to organise an open competition ...







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