Project / 2nd Quarter 2022

Daylight ducts for high-rise offices

by Gregers Reimann

High-rise office building Mercu Mustapha Kamal with daylight ducts above the suspended ceiling. All photos courtesy of Gregers Reimann, IEN ConsultantsMirror reflectors above the suspended ceiling

In Asia, most office tower designs have highly glazed façades. Yet, the building occupants hardly get to enjoy the views outside, because the over-sized windows are exposed to excessive tropical solar heat and glare, so that the occupants have no choice but to engage manual blinds on a near-permanent basis. However, once the blinds are down, the office spaces become so dark that electric lighting needs to be switched on.

This is the tropical high-rise office design paradox: a highly glazed building that offers neither daylight nor views to its occupants.

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