The Old Block at Ipoh

Commercial / Jan - Feb 2016

The Old Block at Ipoh

January 22, 2016

Although once Malaysia’s richest city, Ipoh glory days have long since passed. With the end of the tin mining industry boom, families and businesses had moved out of Old Town, leaving only traditional trades run mainly by senior citizens. Without the UNESCO World Heritage status enjoyed by Malacca and Penang, a sure tourist draw, Ipoh is attempting to rejuvenate its nostalgic charm through local entrepreneurs and investors.


The Old Block at Ipoh was previously an old bank building and has been repurposed to become a hotel, serviced residences and a gallery.

During the design stage, there was much discussion about the right programmes for this project to serve its aim of revitalising Ipoh. The focus was not to create the most attention-grabbing façade, but rather to emphasise the programmatic functions of the brief. The architect and client believed that a careful selection and design of the programmes would cause a ripple effect on the surrounding neighbourhood, enlivening Ipoh.


Project Name The Old Block blank
Location Jalan Sultan Yusuff, Old Town, Ipoh, Malaysia
Expected Completion January 2016
Site Area 292 square metres
Gross Floor Area 1,752 square metres
Number of Rooms 8 rooms
Building Height 24.5 metres
Clients/Owners Private
Architecture Firm Tetawowe Atelier Sdn. Bhd.
Principal Architect Wong Wei Ping
Main Contractor Shen Chuan Renovation Works
Images/Photos Wong Wei Ping; Tetawowe Atelier Sdn. Bhd.

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