Banjarejo Market

Commercial / May - Jun 2017

Banjarejo Market

May 23, 2017

Located about 110 kilometres west of Surabaya (capital of East Java), Bojonegoro is the capital of the Bojonegoro Regency. The architecture firm was requested by the current Regent of Bojonegoro, Kang Yoto, to support efforts of reviving the city with several projects such as waterfront refurbishment; pocket parks; a micro library; and rebuilding the Banjarejo market area that currently houses a traditional market.

Renewing the Banjarejo market area seeks to improve several aspects of the current market situation such as delivery and waste management; parking; hygiene; microclimate; lighting; usability, etc. The project also consists of two design and execution phases. Phase 1 dealt with the recently finished parking area and roof as well as the grain market. Phase 2 deals with the main market (pasar tradisional) and the nearby mushola (praying room). Here, the idea is to build the market in sub-phases; the newly built parking roof can be used to temporarily house parts of the market during construction periods.


Project Name Banjarejo Market blank
Location Bonjenegoro, East Java, Indonesia
Completion Date 2018
Status Ongoing
Site Area 19,614 square eters
Gross Floor Area 12,293 square meters
Number of Rooms Apporximately 583
Building Height Apporximately 10 meters
Client/Owner City of Bojonegoro
Architectural Firm PT. SHAU Internasional Indonesia
Principal Architects Florian Heinzelmann; Dailiana Suuryawinata
Architectural Design Team SHAU Indonesia; Bandung; Florian Heinzelmann; Dailiana Suryawinata; Tobias Hofman; Rizki Supirman; Aditya Kusuma; Yasser Hafizs; Rya Azhar; Rolan tejoprayitno; Muhammad Ichsan
Main Contractor (for phase 1) PT. Cipta Karya Multiteknik
Mechanical &Electrical Engineer Daryana
Structural Engineer PT. LAPI ITB
Surveyors Fajar Harwiansyah Dzirki; Abdi Juryan Ladianto; Fidhainsyah Fathoni; Yusuf Prasetyo
Lightning Consultant Reza Hambali
Supervision Consultant CV. Alvin Consultant
Images/Photos PT. SHAU International Indonesia

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