Joined at the ‘wing’: Smoothly merging a box and an A-frame

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Joined at the ‘wing’: Smoothly merging a box and an A-frame

May 25, 2022

The Wing, a two-storey private residence and rentable villa, is located among neighbouring paddy fields in Bali.

In the tropical climate, there is abundant sunlight that can be used to light up the interior spaces. At the same time, the sun’s heat cannot excessively permeate into the rooms. This is why the local vernacular architecture in Bali places emphasis on the roof, with wide overhangs for shade and terraces as inside-outside spaces.

To come up with an unconventional form that is still appropriate to its context, the architect designed a roof that smoothly transitioned between two different shapes: a triangular A-frame and a box. The A-frame with wide overhangs is inspired by traditional roofs that shield against sun and rain, while the box imparts a contemporary expression with added balconies for shading. Solar panels are installed atop the flat area of the box-shaped roof to take advantage of ample sunlight.

The roof is covered by a natural material that is widely used in the area: wooden shingles. The same material is also attached vertically on the box-shaped mass as cladding. According to the architect, “The material change from the first to second floor ‘advocates’ for the building’s single-storey reading. The scale is manipulated carefully for the mass not to not stick out, evoking inclusivity.”

The first floor encompasses an outdoor dining area and double-height living room under the A-frame, with fluted wooden ceilings and a light crease at the top. This light crease dramatically pulls one’s attention to the long hallway placed within the box mass, or from the hallway towards the living room. Large transparent glass façades and sliding doors connects the inside spaces to the outside landscape.

Bedrooms are located at all levels—the semi-basement, the first floor and the second floor—with a total of six rooms. The programme fits into an L-shaped mass that has been oriented with north-facing openings, allowing views of the lush landscape from each room while avoiding the harsh sun glare from east and west. As the villa is close to neighbouring buildings, the south-facing wall is made solid to provide privacy.


Project Name
The Wing

Mas Village, Ubud, Bali Province, Indonesia

Completion Date
December 2021

Architectural Designer
Alexis Dornier

Total Area
766.9 square metres

Rooftop Area
107.4 square metres

Ground Floor Area
468.3 square metres (including pool and deck)

Surya Kembar

Lighting Consultant
Studio Nimmersatt

Interior Consultant
Alexis Dornier

Landscape Consultant
Surya Kembar


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