Footsteps of Imagination: Pedestrian Bridges as ‘Greenerators’ | FAP 2022 Merit

Construction / 3rd Quarter 2022

Footsteps of Imagination: Pedestrian Bridges as ‘Greenerators’ | FAP 2022 Merit

September 6, 2022

Jakarta is “the city where nobody wants to walk”, wrote the team behind this proposal. In the bustling metropolitan, home to 10.5 million people, the arterial roads are in a state of perpetual congestion due to the high volume of private vehicles.

Despite being the world’s fourth most populous nation, Indonesia ranked last in a global activity inequality study1 that tracked the number of steps taken by at least 1,000 citizens across 46 countries. Indonesians averaged at around 3,500 steps a day (ranked first was Hong Kong at almost 7,000 steps). In Jakarta, the reluctance to walk may be due to a combination of factors, such as pollution from traffic jams, motorcycles encroaching sidewalks and threatening pedestrian safety, and the poor condition of pedestrian infrastructure.

This proposal seeks to reinterpret dilapidated pedestrian bridges and their adjoining pavements to become ‘Greenerators’ for the city and community. The selected sites are busy roads adjacent to dense low-income neighbourhoods, which lack open spaces and public recreation facilities.


Imagining greenery suffusing throughout the city, the team believes that more road users could be motivated to walk if supported by proper facilities, thereby reducing some of the pollution from private vehicles. As the existing footbridges are dimly lit and provide no shade against rain or harsh sun, they proposed a modular tensile shading structure as the enclosure, with lighting fixtures and raised planters.

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Aprilia Gita Siswantari and Arie Pandi Pratama are recent graduates of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Gita currently works in the architecture industry, and Arie has started a firm whose practice mainly revolves around architectural research. They both took an interest in architectural competitions since college, and FuturArc Prize 2022 is the first competition that they participated on an international scale.


Project Location
Tubagus Angke Footbridge, North Jakarta, Indonesia

Site Area
Approx. 450 square metres

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