Chiwan by Ronald Lu & Partners

Commercial, Infrastructure / 1st Quarter 2023

Chiwan by Ronald Lu & Partners

March 20, 2023

The expansive eco-development reorganises the spatial relationship between Nature, culture and the city. The once-exploited hillside has been carefully restored through the planting of new trees and water features, linking the urban space through a high line park, a wide-reaching TOD network and a landscaped courtyard.

Set within the southern Shekou Peninsula, in a former industrial zone near Chiwan Port, this biophilic-driven TOD landmark aims to promote a zero-carbon lifestyle, integrating the surrounding hillside to introduce natural greenery in a multidimensional way to the communities who will occupy it. A key part of the project is restoring Nature in the area, which was the starting point—it boasts a green coverage rate that plans to exceed 30 per cent, and is designed to help cool the microclimate, particularly during the humid summer months.

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Project Name

Shenzhen, China

In progress

Expected Completion

Site Area
133,000 square metres (Phase 1)

Gross Floor Area
475,000 square metres

Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd.

Architecture Firm
Ronald Lu & Partners

Principal Architects
Bryant Lu; Guymo Wong

Ronald Lu & Partners

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