Tianheng • Bayview

Residential / 4th Quarter

Tianheng • Bayview

December 14, 2021

To create a healthy and pleasant living environment for residents of Tianheng • Bayview in Zhuhai, China, the architects focused on five aspects since the planning stage: health and wellness; ecology; smart technology; living convenience; and culture. Traditional artforms of painting and gardening inform the landscape experience, which varies from high to low elevations and drawing people from the edge towards the centre.

The areas are designed along a five-point spatial succession: gate, hall, garden, house and pond. The ‘gate’ of the main entrance is styled with layers of white landscape walls and a pair of inkstone-like pools on both sides, while a tree grows through a hollowed roof to filter sunlight and providing cool shade. Going through the main entrance, a green promenade leads users on a spiralling route towards the heart of the garden where a massive light well resides. This circular sunken plaza is the entrance to the basement car park, where fresh air and natural light are brought into the underground space through the light well.

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Project Name
Tianheng • Bayview

Zhuhai, China

Expected Completion

Zhuhai Tianheng Properties

Landscape Architect

Site Area
36,322.48 square metres

Gross Floor Area
73,665.75 square metres

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