Ordos Smart Sports Park

Landscape / 1st Quarter 2024

Ordos Smart Sports Park

March 20, 2024

Breathing life into a public space can be challenging. An expansive civic space by itself is not enough to draw the community to use it—let alone one that inspires healthy activities—especially if it comes across as arid or cold due to a lack of human-scale elements. The huge space then becomes a deterrent rather than a pull for users. 

This was the challenge faced by SHIJIE, an urban square in Kangbashi District, Ordos, China. Spanning 19 hectares, the lack of thoughtful configuration, usable or serviceable space with a sense of place led to the site in the city being perceived as unwelcoming or low in efficiency of use. A redevelopment was sorely needed.


The designated design team accomplished just that. A hard, underutilised space was transformed into a modern-day sports park that brings healthy fun and joy—since it opened in August 2023, the park has drawn large crowds, especially children to the playgrounds.

The Ordos Smart Sports Park has a variety of sports arenas/fields, leisure or play areas, amenities and functional spaces, thriving with native greenery and plants, giving the public abundant choice of healthy, sports-related or leisure activities. The intimately designed elements, features, shelters, public furniture, etc., enable and encourage people from the surrounding community to simply enjoy the benefits of Nature in the green open park, even if they are not there to engage in any physical activities.


Project Name
Ordos Smart Sports Park

Ordos, China

Completion Date
August 2023

Site Area
19.7 hectares

Gross Floor Area
1,180 square metres (new building area)

Building Height
9 metres

Kangbashi District Forestry and Greenery Service Center, Ordos

Architecture Firm

Principal Architect
Bian Baoyang

Main Contractor

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
HUACHENGBOYUAN Engineering Technology Group

Civil & Structural Engineer
HUACHENGBOYUAN Engineering Technology Group

Holi Landscape Photography

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