Year End 2019

Magazine / 4th Quarter 2019

Year End 2019

To do less harm is no longer enough. We now need to do good.

Every act of design has the power to degenerate or regenerate the wider system. It can fragment or restore social and ecological links.

Ecopuncture—like acupuncture—is akin to a needle inserted into a living system-of-systems, to trigger a positive response and restore the whole. We must lower consumption, yes, but we must also create a surplus of capitals. Each project can generate resources (energy, food, water), revive social networks and repair ecological space.

Featured in this issue are excerpts from the book Ecopuncture: Transforming Architecture and Urbanism in Asia. These include:

  • Radical ideas from the frontlines of ecological thinking, from pioneers such as Ken Yeang, WOHA and Turenscape
  • Two projects in China (Shanghai Houtan Park and New Jindai Elementary School)
  • Interviews with two practitioners (The FuturArc Interview)
  • A summary of urban greening policies in Singapore

The book has much more to offer. Get your copy now! You can also check out the video (The Ecopuncture Interviews) that can be viewed on The hope here is to start a conversation: how can design become a force for greater good, transforming the world that we inhabit?

Happy reading.

Table of Contents

Main Feature
Frontlines of Ecological Practice

The FuturArc Interview
Yu Kongjian (Professor for landscape architecture, Peking University; Founder, Turenscape) and
Lou Yongqi (Dean, Tongji University’s College of Design and Innovation in Shanghai; Founder, TEKTAO and Design Harvest)

Futurarc Showcase
Shanghai Houtan Park & New Jindai Elementary School

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