Hue Hotel Wave Front: Activating the beachfront with public access

Commercial, Design Idea / 4th Quarter 2022

Hue Hotel Wave Front: Activating the beachfront with public access

December 7, 2022

The tropical teardrop-shaped island in Mindanao, Philippines, is often known as the country’s surfing capital with white-sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, as well as natural rock and cave pools.

At the heart of Hue Hotel Wave Front’s architecture lies the intention by the owner group to connect the local residents with guests/tourists, developed around a common love for the sea and surfing. It aspires to share the joy of the surf sport to not only the hotel guests, but also to welcome the locals to enjoy the activities together. This translates to an open access of the hotel’s beachfront to the public, uncommon for beach hotels/resorts that typically close off their beaches for guests only.

All 75 guestrooms have been designed to be located on the upper floors for privacy, whereas the ground floor will be transformed into a communal space with public facilities such as surf shop, restaurants, clinic and stores, accessible to everyone.

Based on the latest renderings shared by the architecture team, there are allocations made for planters to be built alongside the handrails and other pockets of greenery throughout the hotel, which will aid to reduce localised temperatures (heat). There are also semi-open spaces on the ground floor that will allow for natural cooling and ventilation, thus, less reliance on mechanical cooling or air-conditioning. This resonates well with the hotel’s architectural principle of openness that responds to its beach/seaside location.

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Project Name
Hue Hotel Wave Front

Mindanao, Philippines

Documentation completed

Site Area
7,500 square metres

Gross Floor Area
8,280 square metres

Number of Rooms
75 rooms

Building Height
10 metres

Luana Lifestyle and Leisure Hotel., Inc

Design Architecture & Landscape
Design Team: Takashi Niwa; Vu Thi Thanh Huong; Tran Thi Thu Trang; Nguyen Le Khanh Duy; Nguyen Van Khuong
Collaborators: Noémie Schweisguth; Rhiddhit Paul
3D Visualisation: Tran Thanh Tung (Takashi Niwa Architects)

Architectural Design (Local Partner)
NS Incorporated

Plumbing Design
JMRT Engineering Consultancy

Electrical Design
ATM Engineering

Mechanical Design
Frozen Fluid International Corporation

Structural Design
Sean Bryner Rey

Fire Protection Design
JMRT Engineering Consultancy

Takashi Niwa Architects

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