Active Acoustic Window – an Open Window with Sound Protection

1st Quarter 2019

Active Acoustic Window – an Open Window with Sound Protection

Brought to you by Technal

Cities grower denser by the day and noise pollution is becoming a major issue in the building sector. With innovation, Technal, an established aluminium systems brand, has created the Active Acoustic Window.

This sliding window concept provides acoustic insulation to airborne noise even when a window is open. It is an asset for residents who wish to ventilate a space while maintaining tranquility. Its patented system, developed in partnership with the GAMBA Acoustique Group and the Mechanical and Acoustic Laboratory of CNRS, is based on the combination of ‘passive’ and ‘active’ technologies.

For a window with a 10-centimetre opening and 44.2/14/10 acoustic glazing, this reduction can reach 25 decibels, that is, an average of 300 times less noise inside. This minimises the need to shut the windows in warm weather, or if one is living in highly urbanised areas such as in the city centre or near a main highway.

The ‘active/passive’ system is fully integrated into the aluminium profiles that are similar in style to a traditional joinery system. For more information, please visit

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