Samsung’s WindFree Cooling Technology for Fresh and Clean Air

3rd Quarter 2021

Samsung’s WindFree Cooling Technology for Fresh and Clean Air

Brought to you by Samsung

With increasingly more time spent indoors, there is a growing need for better indoor air quality. The Samsung WindFree air-conditioner offers various features to address these growing needs for higher quality air.

An air-conditioner and air purifier in one single unit

The Samsung WindFree air-conditioner comes with an optional Purifying Panel that keeps the indoor air fresh and clean. This Purifying Panel1 consists of three types of filters—a pre-filter, a deodorisation filter and a PM1.0 filter. This three-step filtration system provides pure, fresh air all day long. While the pre-filter captures dust particles, thus ensuring less dust in the indoor space and better air quality, the PM1.0 filter is even more effective in capturing ultrafine dust. The test report of Intertek2 verified that the filter could sterilise up to 99 per cent3 of the microorganisms captured.

Auto Clean function prevents the build-up of odours

When an air-conditioner is turned off after working in cooling mode, the difference in internal and external temperatures can lead to moisture condensing on the heat exchanger, causing mould to grow, which in turn causes bad odour. To prevent this, the Samsung WindFree air-conditioner has a humidity sensor and Auto Clean function4, which automatically dries the heat exchanger using a three-step process—sensing the temperature and humidity inside the air-conditioner, followed by removing moisture by blowing air, thus preventing the build-up of odours.

Freeze Wash removes dust, dirt and bacteria5, keeping the heat exchanger clean

The Samsung WindFree wall-mounted air-conditioner has a three-step Freeze Wash function6 that first freezes the heat exchanger of the indoor unit to cover it in frost, then melts the ice by blowing wind on it. The resulting water will wash away pollutants in the heat exchanger, and remaining moisture on the heat exchanger will be dried, thus keeping the product clean without needing to call for periodic cleaning services— leaving us with more time to spend on things we love.

1 This function is optional. The PM1.0 filter, the number, and the shape of filters may vary by model and by country.
2 Tested on the AF***797**FN model under specific testing conditions and may vary depending on specific factors and use. Based on Intertek test report (No.: RT20E- S0010-R).
3 Intertek report shows that the PM1.0 filter sterilises tested microorganisms: Escherichia coli up to 99 per cent, Staphylococcus aureus up to 99 per cent.
4 Only available in WindFree models that have a humidity sensor. The feature may vary by model and by country.
5 Intertek report shows that the Freeze Wash removes up to 90 per cent of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.
6 The number of freeze wash operations are determined by temperature or humidity. The feature may vary by model and by country.

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