Waterproofing Baths and Swimming Pools

May - Jun 2016

Waterproofing Baths and Swimming Pools

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Mapei offers complete systems to spa baths and swimming pools that are able to withstand the test of time and atmospheric agents.

Protecting and waterproofing structures.
When building hydraulic structures below ground level (where there is ground water), Mapei recommends making the structure water-resistant using Mapeproof or Mapeproof LW bentonite sheets. For ensuring that the sides of the walls remain watertight after pouring, the ideal solution is to use Mapelastic Foundation, a two-component, elastic cementitious mortar that is specific to waterproofing concrete subjected to negative and positive hydraulic lift.

To seal any breaks in surfaces that could potentially provide a passage for water (second pours; structural joints; pipe works; components for water recirculation units; light fittings), Mapei suggests using Idrostop, Idrostop B25 and Idrostop Soft jointing products.

Substrate preparation
The next step is to prepare and even out the internal horizontal and vertical substrates. Mapei proposes using Planicrete and Topcem or Topcem Pronto to build the screed. To smooth out the vertical surfaces, Nivoplan can be admixed with Planicrete or Planitop Fast 330.

Waterproofing the inside of baths and pools
Slopes, fillets and breaks in the surfaces are given a water-repellent characteristic when Mapeband rubber tape is applied using Mapelastic or Mapelastic Smart mortars that feature excellent adhesion, high elasticity, high crack-bridging capacity and good workability.

Installing ceramic, stone and mosaic
Mapei also offers a complete line of adhesives to install ceramic and glass mosaics and special mortars that grout joints and sealants as well as seal expansion joints. Normal-setting adhesive systems include Keraflex Maxi S1; Ultralite S1; Adesilex P10 mixed with Isolastic; Keracrete mixed with Keracrete Powder; and Kerabond combined with Isolastic. Granirapid and Elastorapid are recommended for rapid installation of ceramic tiles and glass mosaics, while Ultracolor Plus is more suitable for rapid grouting of joints. Mapesil AC acetic silicone sealant is ideal for sealing expansion joints. To install and grout linings in environments subjected to aggressive chemical agents and to protect the waterproofing system, reactive epoxy adhesives such as Kerapoxy or Kerapoxy Design are recommended.

Finishing the inside of baths and pools with acrylic paint
Mapei suggests a specific treatment cycle for those who prefer a coloured finish in a bath or pool. This cycle includes the use of Mapecoat I 600 W two-component primer, Triblock Finish three-component thixotropic epoxy mortar and Elastocolor Waterproof acrylic paint.

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(Based on an article first published in Realtà Mapei International no. 55.)

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