Samsung DVM S2: Built on Revolution

3rd Quarter 2022

Samsung DVM S2: Built on Revolution

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Samsung DVM S2 (Variable Refrigerant Flow System) outdoor air-conditioning unit works with indoor units to provide ‘WindFree Cooling’ everywhere without the discomfort of direct cold airflow when indoors. This new innovation of comfort, design flexibility and energy efficiency is compatible with Samsung indoor units, including one-way, four-way cassette and wall-mounted models. It can operate effectively in many different environmental conditions, including amidst the most extreme temperatures. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) technology will adjust refrigerant pressure to help speed up cooling and reduce energy usage1.

AI capabilities for smarter, faster cooling

The DVM S2 detects indoor climate conditions to deliver optimised cooling and heating performance. AI Low Pressure Control learns the patterns of cooling operation and reaches the target temperature more rapidly, ensuring users in the room feel more at ease at the desired temperature. Meanwhile, AI High Pressure Control maintains the optimal high pressure by making adjustments based on the installed environment. This Active AI Pressure Control2 intelligently adjusts the condensing pressure, reducing the energy consumption by 15 per cent2.

Cost-effective and flexible design

With efficient piping, it uses 25 per cent less refrigerant3 as it can use a slimmer liquid pipe4, thus reducing installation and maintenance costs while improving design flexibility.

More powerful performance, less space

With a 34HP super capacity in a compact form, this unit gives users an exceptionally powerful performance while using less space. It is the first outdoor unit to offer super capacities of 32HP and 34HP in a single unit.

Their compact design saves up to 18 per cent space5 and helps reduce the cost and effort of installation, and can be used for other purposes without compromising on performance.

Maximised efficiency minimises waste of energy

The DVM S2 has been redesigned to cut the cost of cooling with energy-efficient technologies. The enlarged Heat Exchanger has a much greater transfer area to exchange heat faster. An optimised refrigerant path also matches the air flow speed to improve the transfer of heat. An aerodynamic Multi-serration Fan generates more air flow while consuming less electricity as it minimises air turbulence. With a 7th-generation insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), which switches current and frequency to suit the system, it reduces the loss of conducted electricity.

‘WindFree Cooling’: WindFree™

1 Based on internal testing with an AM080AXVGGH/EU outdoor unit connected to AM083NN4DBH1 and AM145NN4DBH1 indoor units with 25 metres of piping, using the cooling operation in Auto mode for 4 hours, with an external temperature of 30°C of and a set temperature of 22°C. Results may vary depending on the actual installation and usage conditions, such as the piping length, elevation and external temperature.

2 Optionally available depending on the installation conditions. For detailed information, please refer to the installation manual.

3 Based on internal testing compared to both Samsung DVM S2 and DVM S, when a slimmer pipe, instead of a normal pipe, is used for the Main Liquid Pipe on the same capacity of air conditioning system, the amount of refrigerant to be charged can be reduced by 25 per cent on average.

4 Optional. A slimmer pipe can be used for the Main Liquid Pipe, between an outdoor unit and the first branch of indoor units. The diameter of the slimmer pipe will vary depending on the diameter of the pipe that is normally used. Not available on the 22.4kW and 28kW models. It may not be available in certain installation conditions, and is not compatible with the AI functions of outdoor units. Please contact Samsung’s technical professionals regarding its availability and for more detailed information.

5 Based on internal testing compared to both Samsung conventional outdoor units and those of other brands.

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