Create decorative surfaces with Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept

3rd Quarter 2021

Create decorative surfaces with Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept

Brought to you by Mapei

Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept is a self- levelling epoxy coating with a coloured granular finish. It can be used to create abrasion-resistant floors.

The material is self-levelling, which makes it quick and easy to apply, therefore reducing the time needed to carry out work, minimising production downtime. Its resistance to abrasion is higher than traditional self-levelling systems. Moreover, it is resistant to most aggressive chemical products, easy to clean and sanitise the surfaces applied with this coating.

Easy application

Ensure that substrate is sound; free of dust or crumbling and detached portions; and without the presence of rising damp. Apply a combination of primer and quartz sand on the surface. Next, mix two components of Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept and pour it on the floor (at least 2 millimetres thick), then apply with a straight trowel. For the final step, go over the surface with a spiked roller while the product is still wet to remove any trapped air. The finished surface will appear smooth and seamless. Colour pigments can be added to Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept to form highly decorative surfaces on floors and even countertops.

The aesthetic and functional finish makes Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept suitable for use in general public areas such showrooms, bars, hotel lobbies, offices, classrooms and clinics. It can also be applied on floors in industrial and civil environments, such as laboratories and warehouses, as it is suitable for medium to heavy loads.

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