Extensive Green Roof Systems

Jan - Feb 2017

Extensive Green Roof Systems

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With an increase in weather uncertainties and higher rainfall intensities, green roofs provide environmentally friendly initiatives with numerous ecological and economic benefits. This system mitigates the impact of urban storm water runoff during downpours by retaining and delaying the flow of filtered water through the drainage network, thus effectively minimising the damage caused by flash floods and the cost of a laborious filtration system.

Green roof systems comprise several lightweight interlocking modular trays for new or existing flat or low-slope roofs. For the trays with high walls, they may be pre-planted off-site to achieve an instant greening of the rooftops. Each tray has a network of interconnected reservoirs for the storage of rainwater for plants during dry periods, thus reducing irrigation requirements and promoting plant growth.

• VersiDrain 30 has a flexible design that can be easily cut to make it suitable for curved and irregularly shaped roofs. Its reservoir stores over 11 l/m2 of rainwater.
• VersiDrain 60 has a low wall that can be increased to 100 millimetres of soil depth by adding wall extenders to allow for pre-planting off-site. This also provides the flexibility to remove the extenders to suit a monolithic planting surface. Rodent barriers are integrated into tray corners to prevent pests from infesting the space between the trays. Its reservoir stores 18 l/m2 of rainwater.
• VersiDrain 150 has a large reservoir and a fixed high wall with 100 millimetres of soil depth for pre-planting off-site. Its reservoir stores over 32 l/m2 of rainwater.
• Modular Extensive Planting (MEP) is a complete planting system that is suitable for roofs that need to be kept dry. Each tray has a perforated reservoir cover; integrated capillary wicks; erosion guards; rodent barriers; locking pins between trays, etc. This is installed over a network of drainage pipes, allowing excess rainwater to be channelled to specific discharge points to keep the roof dry. Its reservoir stores over 28 l/m2 of rainwater.

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