Advanced AI-Powered Samsung Wind-Free Air-Conditioner

2nd Quarter 2020

Advanced AI-Powered Samsung Wind-Free Air-Conditioner

Brought to you by Samsung

Excellent cooling performance

Consumers can now enjoy two cooling options with the new Samsung Wind-Free AR9500T air-conditioner: Fast Cooling and Wind-Free Cooling. The Fast Cooling mode works by cooling the room quickly, dispersing cool air farther and wider to allow users to enjoy it from wherever they are in the room. When the desired temperature is reached, Wind-Free Cooling mode is activated to maintain the ideal level of comfort. Fresh air is dispersed gently and evenly through 23,000 micro-holes, creating a still-air1 condition that allows people to live, work and relax comfortably without unpleasant direct cold drafts.


With increasing concerns about indoor air quality, the Wind-Free air conditioner is equipped with an advanced Tri-Care Filter that extracts large dust, fibres and hairs. It also effectively reduces the presence of fine dust, viruses, bacteria and allergens2 so that users can breathe cleaner air.

Energy savings

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Boost technology offers cost savings by maintaining the desired temperature with less fluctuations. It also has strong magnets and a muffler, so it works efficiently, quietly and durably. The Motion Detect Sensor at the air-conditioner indoor unit tracks user movements to cool efficiently while reducing energy waste. It detects when there are no users in the room, and automatically changes the air-conditioner settings to increase the temperature slightly or turn on the standby mode.

Enhanced smart operation

The AR9500T adds intelligence and convenience by optimising the cooling process with its AI Auto Cooling feature. It works by analysing room conditions, user-preferred temperatures and cooling modes, and even the outdoor climate, to automatically switch to the most appropriate setting. With the SmartThings mobile application, or the Bixby 2.0’s voice control function, users can control and monitor the air-conditioner remotely with just a touch.

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Wind-Free is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Availability of certain features may be subjected to execution in the respective countries.

1 ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) defines “still air” as air currents moving at speeds below 0.15 metre/second, which lacks the presence of cold draughts.

2 Tested at a lab in Korea for antibacterial and virus, and in Japan for anti-allergen. Data has been measured under specific testing conditions and may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use.

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