Achieve diverse designs with curved baffle ceiling solutions


Achieve diverse designs with curved baffle ceiling solutions

Brought to you by Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas curved baffle ceiling is an upgraded version of the traditional baffle. Designers can now create a stronger visual character using more flexible and diverse curved elements, applying radians with variable widths and heights.  Combined with the extensive material and surface treatment processes of Hunter Douglas, it will result in distinctive and modern interiors.

Key features of the curved baffle

• Customisable product shape
• Space curves to achieve visionary design ideas
• Seamless integrated design with a length up to 6 metres
• A variety of colours and textured finishes
• Fire rating of A2
• Exclusive mounting and locking system

Rectangular profile curved baffle

There are two varieties of curves for rectangular profiles, both characterized by a fixed section with high dimensional accuracy. These baffles can be curved vertically or horizontally using special moulds, and are customisable within a radian range to meet design needs.

Shuttle-shaped profile curved baffle

To achieve more flow in the visual expression, shuttle-shaped baffle profiles can be used to enable more curved surfaces in a single baffle. These smooth fins can also be curved horizontally or vertically.

Honeycomb curved baffle

This type of baffle is made with special edge profiles that follow the curvature of honeycomb panels, which can achieve horizontal or vertical curving. A wide range of baffle widths are available to select from, while different cross sections and curve radians can also be customised for the upper and lower edges.

Variable form curved baffle

For this type of baffle, the curves are achieved through a proprietary forming process with a customisable special edge profile, be it to achieve a flat or curved face, to produce vertical curving. In addition, there is a selection of baffle heights from the range of 45–900 millimetres, with baffle widths of 20, 30 or 50 millimetres. The variable form can be made into curved baffle products with different cross sections, or with straight upper edges and curved lower edges.


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