A New Ultra-Compact Surface

May - Jun 2016

A New Ultra-Compact Surface

Brought to you by Dekton

Seeking to become a global leader in the architecture and design sector for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Cosentino has created Dekton, a new ultra compact surface that is ideal for designers and architects worldwide. With a complex mixture of raw materials that are used to manufacture glass, porcelain materials and quartz surfaces, Dekton surfaces can recreate any type of material with a high level of quality. It is manufactured in large format (320 by 144 centimetres) with different thicknesses (0.8, 1.2 and 2 centimetres).

Dekton has the following technical characteristics:
• High mechanical resistance
• Good resistance to ultraviolet rays, fire and heat, freezing and thawing, water, scratches, abrasions and stains
• Reduced water absorption
• Excellent colour and dimensional stability

These characteristics are achieved with Technology of Sintered Particles (TSP) technology, developed by the company’s research and development team. It is an ultra-compaction process that allows Dekton to be a low-maintenance and long-lasting product with a multitude of applications—for cladding systems, kitchen and bathroom worktops, floor coverings and façades.

The following four collections reference the natural colours and characteristics of the materials.

Solid Collection
This series offers solid colours that provide balance and harmony of design.

Natural Collection
The Natural series reflects the characteristics of nature.

Tech Collection
With its adaptation to new industrial aesthetics, this series is ideal for the urban environment, which is always active and in constant transformation.

Wild Collection
This collection offers distinct selections that allow architects and designers to create spaces that are timeless, while at the same time guaranteeing optimal technical performance.

For more information, please visit www.dekton.com.

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