Mapei Ultralite S2 Flex: Large-Format Tile Adhesive


Mapei Ultralite S2 Flex: Large-Format Tile Adhesive

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Out of Mapei’s research laboratories come Ultralite S2 Flex, a high-performance, highly deformable, lightweight, cementitious adhesive.

Ultralite S2 Flex is suited for installing ceramic, mosaic and stone tiles in balconies, terraces and flat roofs that are subject to direct sunlight and/or temperature swings. This adhesive is easy to apply by trowel with excellent back-buttering capacities. It is particularly suitable for laying large format tiles on facades and external insulation systems.

One of the essential requirements when installing large format tiles is that the adhesive must ensure a high level of wetting on the back of the tiles so that gaps are not created, otherwise the soundness and durability of the bond could be affected. 

Ultralite S2 Flex is particularly suited for tiles that are 3 to 5 millimetres thick in 3×1 square metres format. It is also suitable for tiles that are 5 to 12 millimetres thick measuring 1.6×3.2 square metres. These tiles possess technical and performance characteristics comparable to conventional tiles, in addition to having important advantages such as being lightweight and easier to handle, cut and drill. Ultralite S2 Flex also has low-dust features and is an extremely high-yield lightweight adhesive.

About the Mapei Group

Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is a world-leading producer of adhesives and complementary products for the fixing of all types of floor and wall coverings. Mapei also specialises in adhesives for ceramic, wood, resilient and textile products, concrete repairs, waterproofing, cementitious and resin industrial floorings, wall finishings, admixtures for concrete, underground technology products and cement additives.

The Mapei Group now has 100 subsidiaries with 86 production facilities in 35 different countries. It invests heavily in Research & Development, with most of its efforts focused on developing sustainable and eco-compatible products.

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