Bona Quantum, a Silane-Based Adhesive

2nd Quarter 2020

Bona Quantum, a Silane-Based Adhesive

Brought to you by Bona

The newly launched Bona Quantum is a silane-based adhesive that features Bona’s Titanium Technology, which provides quadruple crosslinking properties that deliver superior durability and quicker bonding for faster installation, even under challenging subfloor conditions. The new formula is also available as Bona Quantum T for users that prefer a thicker viscosity.

Bona Quantum offers accelerated curing with a high initial bonding strength. At first, it is a hard-elastic film, allowing the floor to acclimatise. Over time, the adhesive hardens to provide a strong foundation. Floors installed with Bona Quantum can be walked on four to six hours after installation.

Bona Quantum can also act as a moisture barrier. As a two-in-one solution, the adhesive ensures a successful floor installation in a wide range of substrate conditions. As a result, the downtime is reduced. By using it with Bona Trowel Plus, cost savings of up to 30 per cent can be achieved.

Bona Quantum is now available across Europe and Asia Pacific. Its packaging comprises 75 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic, heavily reducing Bona’s product carbon footprint.

About the company

A family-owned, sustainably driven company founded in 1919, Bona supplies products for installation, renovation, maintenance and restoration of wooden floors. It is the first in the industry to offer a full system of waterborne hardwood floor finishing and floor care products. Today, Bona offers products for most premium floor surfaces including wood, tile, vinyl, resilient, rubber and laminate. The company’s headquarters is in Malm., Sweden, and is represented globally by its 17 subsidiaries, 70 distributors, 600 employees and five factories.

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