TIGAL – Technal’s Latest Hybrid of a Sliding Door and a Window

2nd Quarter 2020

TIGAL – Technal’s Latest Hybrid of a Sliding Door and a Window

Brought to you by Technal

Combined advantages

TIGAL’s patented central sealing system guarantees exceptional water tightness performance, which is up to four times better than a traditional sliding door.

Technal has paid particular attention to TIGAL’s design, combining sleek lines and concealed hardware for an overall balanced aesthetic. Purposefully designed for the ease of use, TIGAL is also innovative in its secure micro-ventilation system, which provides a smooth, silent operation. The responsible design and development have allowed it to incorporate 70 per cent of recycled materials and durable components. The profiles have been extruded from aluminium 4.0 (carbon footprint lower than 4 kilogrammes of CO2 per kilogramme of aluminium).


Hydro CIRCAL is a range of prime quality aluminium that is made with a minimum of 75 per cent of recycled end-of-life aluminium (post-consumer scrap from fa.ades and windows, for example, that have been dismantled from buildings and are fully recycled).

Hydro REDUXA is the low-carbon aluminium range. The threshold of four kilogrammes of CO2 per kilogramme of aluminium is the maximum carbon footprint allowed for this product line, a figure that includes total emissions from mining; refining; transportation; power and anode production; smelting; and casting.

For environmentally friendly designs, users can request for the CIRCAL and REDUXA aluminium for most of Technal’s products.

About the company

The Technal brand is part of Hydro, the Norwegian world-leading extrusion company. The company has around 35,000 employees involved in activities in more than 40 countries. The group is a global integrated aluminium company with production, sales and trading activities throughout the value chain, from bauxite, alumina and energy generation to the production of primary aluminium, rolled products, extruded products as well as recycling.

For more information, please visit https://www.technal.com/en/aluminium-building-systems-in-asia/.

REDUXA and CIRCAL are registered trademarks of the Hydro Global Brand & Marketing.

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