Decorative and Mould-Proof Joints

May - Jun 2018

Decorative and Mould-Proof Joints

Brought to you by Mapei

Mapei, the world’s leading producer of adhesives and complementary products for tile and stone installations, offers a complete range of grouts that are highly functional, solvent-free, and in compliance with strict international standards. The range is suitable for all types and formats of floors and walls in internal or external settings: ceramic tiles, terracotta, stone material, mosaics and metal.

Low risk of efflorescence
Under the cementitious grout type, Mapei offers Ultracolor Plus, a high-performance polymer-modified mortar for grouting joints 2 to 20 millimetres wide. Ultracolor Plus is made up of special, self-hydrating hydraulic binder that ensures colour uniformity and reduces the risk of efflorescence, a natural occurrence that is typical of mortars with Portland cement as binders.

The formulation of Ultracolor Plus is infused with two innovative technologies, one of which is the BioBlock technology that enables resistance against mould. It contains special organic molecules that are distributed uniformly in the microstructure of the tile joint, blocking the formation of microorganisms that cause mould damage. The other technology is DropEffect, which reduces the absorption of surface water.

Quick setting and rapid curing
Ultracolor Plus sets fast, which means a short waiting time before cleaning and simple finishing. It can be ready for light foot traffic after approximately 3 to 4 hours and can be used fully after 24 hours, making it ideal for jobs that require a fast turnaround time. For swimming pool applications, water can be filled after 48 hours of the grout installation. It has good compression and flexural strengths as well as good resistance to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents, which makes it durable. According to EN13888 & ISO 13007-3 standards, Ultracolor Plus belongs to class CG2WA, which means that it is a certified improved cementitious grout mortar with reduced water absorption and high resistance to abrasion. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, with extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. It is available in 34 colours to suit various decorative palettes.

Ultracolor Plus is ideal for internal and external grouting of floors and walls in all types of ceramic (double-fired; single-fired; klinker; porcelain, etc.), terracotta, stone (natural stone; marble, granite; agglomerates, etc.), glass and ceramic mosaic. It is suitable for residential areas; commercial areas that are subjected to intense traffic such as airports, shopping centres, restaurants, etc.; on damp environments; façades; balconies; and swimming pools. For more information, please visit or email [email protected].

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