Mapecoat TNS Sports Flooring System


Mapecoat TNS Sports Flooring System

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Mapei has been operating in the sports arenas sector since the XXI Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, where a new athletics track was installed using innovative Mapei adhesives. Since then, Mapei has been following the world of sport with maximum attention. A proof of this commitment is the development of the most complete and articulated range of technical solutions dedicated to the world of sport.

Today, more than ever, the importance of the connection between sport and psycho-physical well-being acts as a stimulus for more thorough and careful design, installation and maintenance of sports surfaces. Mapei has become the main technical partner in support of public, private and freelance bodies and institutions to help identify the best technical solutions for the installation of every type of sports floor.

Mapecoat TNS System is a coating and finishing system made from acrylic resin with excellent water dispersion properties and selected fillers with high resistance to wear, ultraviolet (UV) rays and various weather conditions. It may be used to form flooring for indoor and outdoor sports as well as multi-purpose areas.

Sports surfaces made using Mapecoat TNS System are relatively elastic, offer excellent playing comfort and have excellent technical performance characteristics, such as the bounce of the ball, sudden changes in direction while running and a high degree of safety, and provides an excellent balance between stability and sliding for those who use such surfaces.

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About the Mapei Group

Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today a world-leading producer of adhesives and complementary products for the fixing of all types of floor and wall coverings. Other specialties of Mapei are in adhesives for ceramic, wood, resilient and textile products, concrete repairs, waterproofing, cementitious and resin industrial floorings, wall finishings, admixtures for concrete, underground technology products and cement additives.

The Mapei Group now has 100 subsidiaries with 86 production facilities in 35 different countries. It invests heavily in Research & Development, with most of its efforts focused on developing sustainable and eco-compatible products.

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