Products for Acoustic Insulation


Products for Acoustic Insulation

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Residents in apartments and condominium blocks are potentially exposed to noises from neighbours into their homes, which may cause physiological stress that affects their comfort and well-being.

Mapesilent and Mapesonic CR acoustic insulation systems are quick and easy to install, and are effective against such sound disturbances. The systems are tested to European standards to reduce the transmission of noise generated by footsteps and other knocking sounds in buildings and can be applied for new constructions or upgrading works.

Mapesilent is a high-performance modular system made up of an elastoplastomeric polymer bitumen membrane sandwiched to a polyester fibre backing and is available in rolls and panels. Effectively soundproofing against the noise of footsteps, it can be used for all types of floor slab, under floating screeds that are used for installing any type of flooring.

Mapesonic CR is an innovative, high-performance system in sheets made from cork granules and recycled rubber. It may be applied over cementitious substrates or old ceramic and natural stone floors before installing ceramic, stone, multilayered parquet and resilient flooring.

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About the Mapei Group

Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today a world leading producer of adhesives and complementary products for the fixing of all types of floor and wall coverings. Other specialties of Mapei are in adhesives for ceramic, wood, resilient and textile products, concrete repairs, waterproofings, cementitious and resin industrial floorings, wall finishings, admixtures for concrete, underground technology products and cement additives.

The Mapei Group now has 100 subsidiaries with 86 production facilities in 35 different countries. Mapei has always invested heavily in Research & Development and most of their efforts are focused on developing eco-sustainable and eco-compatible products.

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