Singapore’s Largest Play Space in a Hotel

1st Quarter 2020

Singapore’s Largest Play Space in a Hotel

Brought to you by Playpoint

Buds by Shangri-La

This is Singapore’s largest play space designed and built for children in a hotel, comprising the Explorer zone, Toddler zone, Theme Activity Rooms and an outdoor playground.

Toddler zone

Here, children can navigate their way around mazes. The ball pool at the end of the slides extends the recreational space and allows children to frolic. Tappin’ Tunes, an interactive play feature combining water play with musical notes, emits musical tunes and animal sounds when the piano keys are activated by hands or feet. In addition, baby bouncers attached to the ceiling allow toddlers to bounce and swing with the help of their parents.

Explorer zone

This zone is catered for children above four years old, and is centred around individual themes like Waterfall, Space, Mesh Cave, Underwater and Fire Mountain. Children can explore and play in areas such as the ball pit under the mesh cave or the sand play area, as well as entertain themselves with the climbing structures or air blasters that shoot foam slides. In addition, Space offers a quiet learning environment where children can learn interesting facts about planets and asteroids.

Overall, this play space hopes to instil in children the qualities of adventure, camaraderie, independence and social interaction. For more information, please visit

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