HITACHI SideSmart™: Reliable Flexibility with the World’s First Slim Modular VRF


HITACHI SideSmart™: Reliable Flexibility with the World’s First Slim Modular VRF

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SideSmart™ , the Hitachi-made slim modular VRF, is the first of its kind in the world. Launched in 2021, this complete VRF offering will manifest better design solutions for your customers.

What is SideSmartTM ?

As its name suggests, SideSmart™ is Hitachi’s modular-connectable Side Flow VRF.

  • Slim: Its 42-centimetre depth is able to fit anywhere with easy maintenance, even in narrow spaces.
  • Modular: Single units deliver up to 18 horsepower (HP). Optimise your installation space by combining up to four units to reach 72 HP.
  • Ultra-efficient: It includes exclusive SmoothDrive technology to minimise energy wastage with an EER of up to 4.51.

How can SideSmartTM make your building better?

Space matters
SideSmart™ can reduce the footprint occupied by the usual air-conditioner. For example, to achieve a total of 180 HP capacity, the Top Flow VRF (RAS-FSNS) would require 9.3 square metres by using 10 units of RAS-18FSNS (18HP) that measure 0.93 square metres each, not including the required service space. Meanwhile, SideSmart™ requires only 5 square metres by using 10 units of RAS-180HNCELW (18 HP) at 0.50 square metres each, which saves 47 per cent less space. This is thanks to the 42-centimetre depth of SideSmart™, along with its large capacity of up to 18HP as a single-module cabinet. By choosing to install SideSmart™ in the building’s floors, your building space will be free of air conditioning equipment especially for mid-size buildings where space is limited.

The small size yet large capacity of SideSmart™ will free up your available space. For example, if your customer expects you to install the units on the rooftop—it would no longer be occupied by massive air-conditioning units, allowing you to present a new plan with slim SideSmart™ units and greenery. And if your customer does not have specific requirements for the air- conditioner location, the slim size of the cabinets could allow a balcony installation—completely freeing the rooftop. SideSmart™ can be installed on different floors with its flexible capacities and provide options for indoor locations as well.

For building aesthetics, some customers want the outdoor unit to be hidden behind the louvres, even if they request for a balcony instalment. Even in this case, thanks to its higher fan external static pressure of up to 60 pascals (Pa), SideSmart™ can be hidden and perform perfectly.

SideSmart™ can also replace your chiller space. If your building project is already equipped with an air handling unit, you can check the connection of the DX-Kit, the Hitachi integration kit between VRFs, and your pre-existing air handling unit. The large capacity of SideSmart™ and its small footprint would fit the existing chiller space.

Cost matters
SideSmart™ offers many benefits in terms of the cost proposal to your customer. First, compared to the normal Top Flow VRF, the Side Flow cabinet offers a lower initial delivery or storage cost. Second, SideSmart™ has the same level of piping flexibility as a Top Flow VRF, and better yet, the Side Flow VRF requires fewer pipes in the system design. The piping can extend for a total of 500 metres, and the length of the outdoor unit piping connection kit to the furthest IDU can reach 120 metres with a height difference of up to 50 metres. If you are looking for high efficiency, SideSmart™ can match up to the Top Flow VRF with an EER up to 4.51, and an average of 4.32 for premium combination models. The operation cost is further optimised with SmoothDrive, which is Hitachi’s exclusive part-load operation technology. Lastly, maintenance costs can be saved as SideSmart™ requires 10 per cent less refrigerants than the same capacity of Top Flow VRFs—being eco-friendly at less cost.

Operation matters
Buildings should offer comfort for the occupants, who can ideally operate the air-conditioner without trouble. For this purpose, Hitachi offers a full line-up of 15 different types of indoor units, including the multiple award-winning Silent-Iconic 4-way cassette design panel, five different types of concealed indoor ceiling duct units, as well as ventilation units for total heat exchangers and fresh air units. As you select the suitable units for your indoor requirement, Hitachi’s exclusive part-load operation technology— SmoothDrive—will achieve customer comfort and save energy, even in the part-load condition. For smart buildings, we offer airCloud Pro, which is an IoT centralised controller alongside the multiple design-awarded Advanced Colour wired remote controller (PC-ARFG) as demonstrated in our website. Their simplified menu as well as enhanced UI and UX will be a powerful addition for the success of the project, both for your customer and yourself.

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