Lumeal Sliding System: Slim, Concealed and Innovative

1st Quarter 2020

Lumeal Sliding System: Slim, Concealed and Innovative

Brought to you by Technal

Lumeal by Technal is a concealed-opening slider offering minimalist lines with only 38 to 77 millimetres of visible aluminium. This slim design increases glass surface area by 8 to 14 per cent (depending on the application) and optimises natural light to enhance interior design and improve users’ comfort.

Suitable for any architecture, this innovative solution combines excellent thermal performance, large dimensions and security. Available in a motorised version with a wide range of finishes, colours and accessories, Lumeal can be used flexibly to create different opening configurations by combining a fixed and sliding section with a slim central meeting stile. The slider has a distinct finish with no overlapping profiles and a concealed drainage. Square-jointed assembly complements this refined structure.

For the year 2020, Technal has launched a new Lumeal that is without a thermal break, specifically for the Southeast Asian market. This system offers a real solution for low-energy building projects due to its low air permeability and outstanding thermal performance.

Low-carbon aluminium: Hydro REDUXA and Hydro CIRCAL

Technal has been working with leading industry specialists and associations to maximise the recyclability of aluminium and reduce carbon emissions during the life cycle of its products. This includes upcycling aluminium to give it a new lease of life by incorporating them into quality products.

As such, Technal offers Hydro CIRCAL in its system solutions, one of the most sustainable aluminium alloys in the company’s sector. Hydro CIRCAL is a range of prime quality aluminium made with a minimum of 75 per cent recycled end-of-life aluminium (post-consumer scrap), for example, façades and windows that have been dismounted from buildings and fully recycled.

Hydro REDUXA is Technal’s series of low-carbon aluminium. Through the use of renewable energy sources like hydropower, the company is able to reduce the carbon footprint per kilogramme of aluminium to less than a fourth of the global average. The result is aluminium with one of the world’s lowest carbon footprint to date.

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