Chic, Rotatable Showerhead

Jan - Feb 2018

Chic, Rotatable Showerhead

Brought to you by Antonio Lupi

A compact cylinder, essential and precise: Azimut is a contemporary ceiling and wall showerhead clad in stainless steel and black Delrin. A synthesis of technology and design, the hinge allows the showerhead to rotate in a 180-degree arc with a snap articulation rack, a technical detail that offers an aesthetic appeal. This feature multiplies the possibilities of use, providing greater flexibility for users. Azimut can be installed on either walls or ceilings, depending on individual needs, and is able to orient the jet of water according to the physical characteristics of the user.

Azimut redefines the archetype of the showerhead, improving the quality of the showering space. With four jet aerators and 336 nozzles, it provides a comfortable shower experience. The sophisticated elegance of satin steel and measured proportional balance make it a contemporary bathroom fixture.

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