Create Shopping Oases in Every Climate

Jan - Feb 2018

Create Shopping Oases in Every Climate

Brought to you by Vector Foiltec

Texlon ETFE building envelopes
A comfortable atmosphere and protection from rain and excessive heat are important factors to give shoppers a relaxing environment for spending money. Texlon ETFE is the ideal building envelope to achieve all of that: Establish space that is flooded with daylight but still protected from the sun, keeping out the rain and dust.

Controls solar transmission
Everyone enjoys the warmth of sunshine, but it can get intense in certain climates. We want the best of both worlds; the sun, but with control of its rays. We often seek the natural shade of trees because we want to be protected while still enjoying the outdoors. Vector Foiltec helped create this want with a translucent, two-layer, 3,600-square-metre Texlon ETFE canopy for Our Tampines Hub in Singapore. Planting a forest to cover the hub was not feasible, so instead it was decided that replicating the shade of the forest was the next best option.

Shade-providing leaves were imitated within the foil cushions by providing four different tones of silver prints arranged in a recurring order. The canopy’s layers and print patterns supply good thermal performance while providing high amounts of natural light with anti-glare properties. The thin steel trees are seemingly rooted, reaching from the ground up to the ceiling to enhance the aesthetics of the forest concept.

Dedicated supporting structure reduces carbon footprint
Working closely with clients, architects and engineers to realise an initial concept, Vector Foiltec designs, fabricates and installs the Texlon ETFE system and the supporting structure. A lightweight and optimised structure is the outcome—this saves money, enhances the roof’s or façade’s elegant appearance and most importantly, reduces the carbon footprint.

Vector Foiltec helps with extensive knowledge
In some regions, the performance requirements for solar transmission through the Texlon ETFE cladding are complex and challenging. Vector Foiltec has extensive knowledge and decades of experience in this field and is able to provide a technically superior yet economic solution. With the development of a specialised print pattern, the company helps control solar transmission and creates what feels like the perfect indoor environment. This ensures that occupants feel comfortable while enjoying dining and retail activities, sports, arts and culture.

Each project considers the local climatic loads, environmental factors and its personal design requirements, to name a few. Vector Foiltec tailors every ETFE project to the client’s needs and wants. For more information, please visit

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