Mapei adhesive for installing LVT in damp environments

2nd Quarter 2021

Mapei adhesive for installing LVT in damp environments

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Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is one of the widely popular materials due to its excellent performance properties and ease of installation and maintenance. It is available in a wide range of patterns that can reproduce the finish of many types of floor and wall coverings often used in residential and commercial buildings.

Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT Wall
Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT Wall is a high-performance, one-component silylated polymer-based adhesive with properties of high peel and sheer strength, excellent dimensional stability as well as high yield. Its key feature lies in its excellent wetting property even with impervious coverings. After application, the adhesive hardens to form a film resistant to moisture, water and heat. This makes it suitable for installing LVT on walls and floors in wet areas.

It is highly resistant to shear loads, which makes it suitable for floors exposed to intense mechanical stress or in environments constantly exposed to water (in kitchens, showers, etc.). The product can be applied in interior applications in the domestic, commercial and industrial locations.


Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT Wall can adhere well onto most substrates— absorbent and non-absorbent—provided they are sound and without the presence of damp. Installers can use this product as a universal adhesive for all kinds of textile and resilient flooring, in particular, all types of vinyl. Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT Wall is ready-to-use as well as easy to apply and clean. The product is certified EMICODE EC1 Plus (very low emission of volatile organic compounds), which makes it harmless for floor installers and end-users. Its fast-setting property allows for sites to open for light foot traffic in just five hours and ready for use in 24 hours.

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