Lightweight Cementitious Adhesives for Thin Tiles

2nd Quarter 2019

Lightweight Cementitious Adhesives for Thin Tiles

Brought to you by Mapei

The ceramic tile manufacturing technology is constantly innovating. The range of large format thin tiles has since extended, and now possesses technical and performance characteristics.


The Ultralite range features one-component lightweight cementitious adhesives with an extended open time, making it ideal for installing thin porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and natural stone. They are characterised by the high wetting property that improves the compactness of the adhesive layer and minimises the presence of gaps on the back of the tiles.

The mixture has a creamy consistency that gives it excellent workability and makes application easier and quicker. Its high yield has a much lower consumption, giving it an advantage over traditional adhesives of the same classification. Furthermore, the Ultralite range has the same volume but weigh less (each bag weighs 15 kilogrammes) than conventional ones (25 kilogrammes). This means lower transport costs and easier handling.

Ultralite S1

Ultralite S1 is non-slip deformable and holds a 60-per-cent yield compared with other adhesives of the same classification. In addition, the low-dust technology incorporated in this product reduces dust significantly during mixing, application and usage compared with conventional adhesives. This enables Ultralite S1 to be particularly suitable for restoration work in closed environments or areas with poor ventilation. It is classified C2TE S1 in accordance with EN 12004 and ISO 13007-1 standards.

Ultralite S2

Ultralite S2 is highly deformable and has 80 per cent higher yield compared with two-component adhesives of the same classification. Latex is not required to be added to the mixture, only water. This product is classified C2E S2 in accordance with EN 12004 and ISO 13007-1 standards.

Both products are environmentally friendly as it contains more than 20 per cent of recycled materials and has low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission (classified EMICODE EC1 R Plus by GEV).

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