Mapecoat TNS Coatings for Protecting and Colouring

2nd Quarter 2020

Mapecoat TNS Coatings for Protecting and Colouring

Brought to you by Mapei

Mapecoat TNS Extreme is a new product designed to protect and colour urban spaces that have to withstand high levels of wear and tear from pedestrians. This two-component, rapid-drying, coloured epoxy-acrylic resin-based coating is highly durable especially in dense urban areas, which makes it ideal for cycle-pedestrian paths, road surfaces, access ramps, etc.

Mapecoat TNS Extreme dries quickly, allowing work to be completed efficiently. After drying, it forms a hard-wearing, protective layer on the substrate. Mapecoat TNS Extreme can be combined with Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW two-component, epoxy resin-based primer, which can be used as an adhesive promoter for absorbent, porous cementitious substrates and existing playing surfaces. The result is a textured finish that is non-slip, even in wet weather. The product can be used to apply on existing asphalt or concrete substrate, protecting it from wear caused by the constant passage of pedestrians or passing traffic. When applied on pervious substrates, the drainage capacity of the substrate may be maintained.

The coating is durable and highly resistant to chemical products that could potentially harm the surfaces, such as oil and fuel. In addition, it is resistant to most climatic conditions and aggression from smog and ultraviolet rays.

Available in a wide range of colours, Mapecoat TNS Extreme coating has been used for the tracks at the Cyclist Park in East Coast and for coating existing pavements at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in Singapore.

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